About me

My work is influenced by a number of therapeutic streams but primarily the body psychotherapy tradition that emerged from the work of Freud's one-time student Wilhelm Reich.


I received a thorough grounding in the power and potential of this kind of therapeutic work thanks to a four year advanced training at the Entelia Institute run by Silke Ziehl. This had many aspects, including working with internal body awareness and imagery, trauma work, gestalt techniques, developmental psychology and working with key early patterns and character, working with anger and other 'held back' energies, and a deep engagement with the power of touch and movement as forms of communication and connection between body-minds. 

I continued in a two year post-graduate relational body psychotherapy training run by Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar. This brought together psychotherapy in theory and practice with a focus on the power of working in a relational way, as well as a call to open-hearted, spontaneous work that utilises but doesn't hide behind the conventional structures of psychotherapy.


Further training and continuing supervision with Nick Totton has helped ground all this into a way of working that however it appears – in-person, online or outdoors – is open to all aspects of body, mind and spirit, and bears witness to an unfolding, co-created process.

Other connections

Prior to the training outlined above I gained a certificate in integrative counselling at the Minster Centre, and continue to integrate insights from and connections with other branches of psychotherapy. I also have an interest in more transpersonal work and have recently  been exploring the connection between embodiment, spirituality, healing and more shamanicly-oriented work in a two year advanced online training with US practitioner and writer Mary Shutan. 

I have a BSc honours degree in Human Sciences from the University of Nottingham that focused on philosophy and psychology, and a post-graduate diploma in journalism. 


I come to this work after many years writing and editing for public bodies and charities. I am fascinated by what it is to be human, investigating it for most of my life from various angles. I enjoy escaping from the city to walk in the stillness of nature, going into the city to experience interesting things, and, occasionally, when I remember to, dancing around the room to loud music

Adam Bambury 



Relational Body Psychotherapy - Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar / Integrative Mindbody Therapy Training

Deep Psychotherapeutic Bodywork - Silke Ziehl / Entelia Institute

Certificate in integrative counselling - the Minster Centre

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