About me

My work is influenced by a number of therapeutic streams but primarily the body psychotherapy tradition that emerged from the work of Freud's one-time student Wilhelm Reich.


I received a thorough grounding in the power and potential of this work thanks to a three year training in psychotherapeutic deep bodywork at the Entelia Institute. This included a qualification in the deep hands-on bodymind work of Postural Integration. 

I continued in a two year post-graduate relational body psychotherapy training run by Integrative Mind-Body Therapy Training (IMT) / Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar. This brought together psychotherapy in theory and practice with a focus on the power of working in a relational way. 


Further workshops and continuing supervision with Nick Totton has helped ground all this into a way of working that however it appears – in-person, online or outdoors – aims to be open to all aspects of body, mind and spirit, and bears witness to an unfolding, co-created process.

Other connections

I have a certificate in integrative counselling from the Minster Centre, and continue to integrate insights from and connections with other branches of psychotherapy.


Since being a teenager I've had an interest in spirituality, philosophy, and wisdom traditions. I'm currently doing a two year training in more shamanically-oriented work.

I have a BSc in Human Sciences (philosophy and psychology), and a post-graduate diploma in journalism. 


I became a therapist after working in digital and print in the public and charity sectors. I enjoy escaping from the city to walk in the stillness of nature, going into the city to experience interesting things, and, occasionally, when I remember to, dancing around the room to loud music. 

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Adam Bambury