I'm Adam Bambury, a relational body-oriented psychotherapist based in south east London. I help people from all walks of life to become more connected with themselves and others.

How I work

My work primarily emerges from the tradition of body psychotherapy, also known as somatic psychology. This sees engaging with embodiment as well as thought as a vital part of the therapeutic process. 


Our bodymind is a potent source of information and wisdom. Early childhood experiences, difficult relationships, periods of trauma, and our unconscious attitudes and beliefs about what it's like to be in the world and with other people, can be accessed and processed by working in this way. 


This somatic work can look like normal 'talking' therapy. It can also connect with other ways of communicating and expressing, including breath, movement, imagery, sound, or touch.

I work in a relational way. Our relationships hold a key to our story. The relationship unfolding between us in the present, the ‘roles’ we might find ourselves playing in a session at any particular time, is a great place to gently investigate this. 

My practice

My practice is inspired by the flame as a potent image of healing, renewal and transformation, and the liberating warmth of authentic connection. ​I help clients connect to and express this flame within - our essential aliveness, being, soul or spirit.

Like a lit candle in a darkened room, therapy can be a liminal space outside of normal life. A place to be heard, to feel, to remember, and to open to new possibilities. 

As a therapist I try to bring a warmth, openness and gentle humour to this serious work.

Find out more 

I work in-person in south-east London and online via Zoom. If you'd like to have an initial discussion about working together, please get in touch, or find out more on this website about me and about how I work