Mind body psychotherapy in
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Make space for feeling.
Move from disconnection to connection.

Explore and express your inner world.


Why therapy?

People come to therapy for many reasons, including experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress or trauma. Or it could be a feeling like stuckness, frustration, disconnection, or emptiness, or something with a physical element like IBS or physical tension that has proven hard to shift in other ways. Or maybe there's simply a sense that something needs to change. 


Therapy is a space to become more conscious of the different factors that have influenced, and continue to influence your life. It can help separate who you've learned to be, who you'd like to be, and who you are. It's a place to work through and process difficult emotions, feelings and habits, and make room for a greater sense of connection and wholeness. It's a place for change, and for acceptance.

How I work

I am a body psychotherapist. Simply put, this means I am interested in embodiment as a key aspect of therapy. While our culture may tend to separate the mind on one hand and the body on the other, body psychotherapy sees the two as deeply linked. 


I’m curious about what brings you to therapy, what you are encountering now in your life, and how it was for you growing up. But I’d also like to explore how all this moves you - or doesn’t, as the case may be. How being in the world impacts on your being - not just your thoughts, but your breath, your sensations, your posture, your sense of being in the world.


I work in a relational way. This means that I will sometimes bring your attention to what might be happening between us in the session. Our relationships - our beliefs, needs, and desires, what we reveal and what we hold back - hold a key to our story. The relationship unfolding between us in the present is a great place to gently investigate this. 


I am open to the human and other-than-human. We can be inspired by nature (or its absence), by dreams, by our ancestors, by forgotten aspects of our bodymind that surface and wish to be heard. 

Most of all, I am lead by what you bring and how we find ourselves working together. 


About me

I'm Adam. am a member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, am on its publications committee and have contributed to its peer-reviewed journal. I am also on the steering group of the UK Body Psychotherapy Network.  


My core training took place over six years and was in:

Relational Body Psychotherapy - Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar / Integrative Mindbody Therapy Training

Deep Psychotherapeutic Bodywork - Silke Ziehl / Entelia Institute

I have also trained in: 

Body deva / embodied shamanic work - Mary Shutan

Embodied Relating - Nick Totton 

Bodylistening - Tim Brown / Brighton School for Embodied Therapy

Integrative Counselling - Minster Centre

I have a BSc in Human Sciences that focused on philosophy and psychology. I come to this work after a career writing and editing for public bodies and charities. 


Get in touch

My therapy space is located in south east London within easy reach of Forest Hill, Brockley, Sydenham, New Cross,  Honor Oak and Catford. I also offer sessions online via video call. 

Sessions are generally either 1 hour or 1.5 hours long, on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 


If you'd like to find out more or discuss arranging an initial session where we can meet and decide if it would be a good idea to start work together, please get in touch by calling me on 07867 504 809, using the form below or emailing me at adambtherapy@gmail.com 

Current fees

1 hour: £50

1.5 hours £65

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Deep bodywork and postural integration

When working face to face I also offer work informed by postural integration (PI). This is a creative, hands-on way of working with the breath, body and mind. It can look a bit like a cross between massage and psychotherapy: hands-on bodywork combined with talking, processing and integrating the sensations, emotions, images and memories and movements that emerge in the present moment. 

Initial sessions work with the more superficial layers of our muscular system including the fascia - the interconnecting web of tissue that holds our bodies together. Later sessions can go deeper into the muscles and structure of the bodymind, connecting and loosening learned patterns of holding that may have been in place for a long time.  

This way of working is generally more suitable for those with some experience of bodywork and/or psychotherapy - and can also work well alongside existing approaches. Please contact me to discuss if you would like to find out more. 


If you're curious to learn more about this form of therapy, here are a few recommended links to begin with: 

  • For an introduction to the history and theory of body psychotherapy try this article

  • There's a video with some perspectives on and experiences of body psychotherapy on the EABP website